My Expenses, Android App is an opensource Android application. It’s an easy to use expense tracker app with rich functionality.

I have been working on translation this app and I have kept giving the track of this translation in my forum.

It is now in the release 1.10.1 which is included Khmer translation on its UI by switching the language to “Khmer”

How to have Khmer language if no font

Khmer language does not include by default in Android and the Khmer rendering is included since Android version 4.x (Jelly Bean). And we heard that Khmer font is now included by default in Android version 4.4 (KitKat), we are waiting for it.

So to make Khmer language works for this app, you have to install the font and set the display to “Khmer”, to do so, don’t forget my old post: Install Khmer font on Galaxy S2 as following steps.

Install font

If your phone is not supported Khmer font by default, you can do as following setup

  1. Enable “unknown sources” installation (via Setting->Application)
  2. Install Khmer.apk
  3. Change font style
    1. Settings > Display > Screen display > Font style
    2. Choose Khmer
  4. Restart the phone

Install Keyboard

Only in case, you want to use the keyboard.

  1. Install MultiLing Keyboard
  2. Install Plugin.Khmer
  3. Make Keyboard setting

My Expenses App in Khmer

So now you can view My Expenses in Khmer language, let’s enjoy the app and thanks to the developer of this app.

Download the app


Download at the Google Play

Developer’s Website

Khmer Translation Status Update