When I saw a message from Mr. Danh Hong, the one who created most of Khmer Unicode fonts, told us about his new achievement to publish Khmer unicode font via Google Font API, really made me surprised and happy. So now welcome to Google Font API for Khmer Website Designer, it will be more easy… Read More

Just quick configuration with Ireport 3.7.1 without detail here: Download ireport from http://jasperforge.org 3.7.1 Install ireport 3.7.1 Open ireport design Use blank design Go to ireport tool configuration: Tool –> Options –> Fonts and click install fonts I install two fonts: Khmer OS System and Kh System First tested with Khmer OS System font, found… Read More

I start a topic now with Flex 3 not rendering well with Khmer Unicode. If anyone has any idea, please share; I’ll do after some test first. Updated 10/02/2010: Embaded font still not work in flex 3: Updated 25/06/2010: I haven’t found any solution exactly but now I found it’s working for firefox 3.6.4 and… Read More

To be notice MS SQL supports only UCS-2 encoding so do not have encoding with UTF-8 as we expected as MySQL or some other database server as well. This means that you can’t use UTF-8 character encoding with Microsoft SQL Server: Here after I type Khmer Unicode and execute the query, I got question marks… Read More