You might noticed, I have upgraded to Disqus 2012 comment form. It looks  charming, elegant  and usability for users.

Things have been improved a lot with this new version, so why not just try and feel with all new features?

Here is the old form of Disqus before uprading

Old Disqus Apphearance before upgrading

Old Disqus Apphearance before upgrading

Disqus is a beautiful, real-time, engaging discussions for your website. Just only with a few quick steps, you can turn your old comment system into a new way to engage your visitors.

Disqus is working with many web platforms, you can just find it for WordPress, tumblr, Blogger, Drupal or HTML & JS code for embedding by your own.

With Disqus 2012, it brought to you an easy way to interact with users by provide a quick access to the whole community, content rating, sharing or subscription as all in one place.

Let’s have a look to the new discussion form with Disqus below

Disqus 2012

Disqus 2012

To get started with Disqus, you need to register with Disqus and find your corresponding plugin for your platform, it’s exactly easy one.

Don’t forget to have a look their knowledge base of Disqus 2012 via this link.

Enjoy commenting and discussion any matter with me and Disqus.