DO NOT CONFUSE - Bandwidth is limited

DO NOT CONFUSE - Bandwidth is limited

It sounds very great when hearing that we have unlimited internet connection usage for 5 USD per month in Cambodia.

I open a topic in barcamphnompenh google group to find out who has used and how he/she felt and mostly they felt bad to fall in such a fake promotion.


In fact, it has no unlimited as they said but they gave following options:

  1. For 0.5$/day, bandwidth allow only 50Mb only
  2. For 2$/week, bandwidth allow only 300Mb only
  3. For 5$/month, bandwidth allow only 1Gb only

This information we got only when we call to cellcard center (812) if you check in their website: (CLICK on Price) no mention about the bandwidth.

Another thing to be careful:

They will charge you after you already use the limited bandwidth (ex: 1gb) by 400KB/cent (See in their terms and conditions):

Users will be charged pay-per-use rates (400KB/cent) upon expiration of their package, or upon reaching the fair usage limit associated with each package

CellCard doesn’t notify their use before they automatically charge their customer, they should cut or notify user while they subscribed so that many people have lost their money from phone after just try to use their service for a day to try. (See an example user who used to this promotion “in Khmer”)

In Cambodia, many people always fall into such promotion by many phone service providers. Every day, they always promote their phone service usage by many ways. Who always falls into this? Mostly students, young people who always think they are cheap so keep calling unnecessary things.

The first quarter of 2010 that the number of mobile phone subscribers increased to 7.1 million users. (from blog)

Maybe phone service providers forgot one warning of the Ministry of Information said lately in 2009: About phone service advertising

So please be careful before you make decision on the promotion.