While I am checking to cellcard.com.kh to find out some promotions, I found an announcement on Google phone on sale! I shouted WOW~! that’s I’m waiting.

MobiTel sells Google Phone

MobiTel sells Google Phone

MobiTel, as a leading mobile provider, brought to us a new product that can attract most of people in Cambodia and seem it’s time to fight back to iPhone phone that recently grows so fast among the users here.

With cellcard website, we can’t find detail phone specification, I called 812 to ask MobiTel, they are not seem knowing them well enough as they said, it’s a new product. But sure, Google phone built on Android OS that currently arrived in release version 3.0 (Honeycomb).

With the picture posted on CellCard website, I guess, it is a Nexus S model.

There are many kinds of google phones (built on Android), that you can check at Google Phone Gallery, among them what I have heard one mostly and popular is Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I will go to see at MobiTel’s stores.

I saw the price is 196$ with 1 year Internet using from MobiTel (500Mb/month for 12 months).
It’s an affordable price if compare to most phone product brands, I think.

Welcome Google Phone in Cambodia!