Updated (11/01/2011)

“Facebook is shutting down” is a fake information or rumor, NOT SURE YET as no official announcement!

My below message, just a feedback for weeklyworldnews.com

My quick feedback when I saw the news

A post here: FACEBOOK WILL END ON MARCH 15th! explains that facebook owner is going to shutdown on March 15th this year.

“Going back to the past life”

“People will have to go outside and make real friends”

Does everyone think that it’s a good idea to shut down the facebook?


Facebook (Statistic from facebook statistic)

I do not agree with Mark Zuckerberg, I can’t go out to meet my friends in different parts of the world, I don’t have much time to go out with friends as well. I spend my full day of working, also stressful but facebook helps me to use some of my spare time meeting my friends or family.

Yes, we can be at risk when we are trying to share walls, photos among public but facebook can block by putting default privacy to limit or unpublished to everyone.

  • The bad points of facebook may impact on some users but not all users.
  • Many users found them useful and helpful, and good places for ads

If Zuckerberg thinks that the way of this social network site is not good, so all other social network sites should also close and should no more Internet or websites as well.

The world should be connected through all these tools, nothing that could give value without giving also some mistakes or bad points, we just try to make it good for all cases and NOT GOOD TO BLOCK.

Hope facebook owner re-considers again!

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