Remark on recently article about 15th March that facebook will be end; So the deadline was over!

Finally, it’s not. Facebook is staying with everyone in the world with many new features for us.

We can see that facebook now is becoming a business page via Facebook FAN Page that more and more businessmen use it to promote their business.

Additional feature that start growing and getting more fun with facebook, I think, it is Static FBML that enables page administrator user can enhance on their fan page with more tab than the default ones.

FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language, which is a subset of HTML.

It’s not complicated to install and make it work but to make good design you need to know some HTML.

Setting up Static FBML

  1. You need to be the administrator of the page
  2. Goto a facebook application: Static FBML
  3. Click “Add to my page“, a popup windows comes, so just specify the page you want to add

Static FBML is added, so you need to go to your page and edit the page and go to App navigation, you will see the FBML tab.

Add Static FBML to page

Add Static FBML to page

Before you make the design you should have already the idea of what you want, your image or your video etc.

You can add your own style sheet or image but those resources can’t host directly to facebook, you need to place some where on the net and give the full URL to the resource. It will display.