WordPress 3.4, named for guitarist Grant Green released yesterday (13/06). There are a hug changes and many things claimed to be improved with this version. But first before upgrading be aware to read the codex of version 3.4.

Some highlight of the version are:

  • Enhanced theme control
    • Customize theme options before activating a new theme using Theme Customizer
    • Use Theme Previewer to customize current theme without changing the front-end design
  • Media improvements
    • Support HTML in image captions
  • Under the Hood improvements
    • Improvements in WordPress internationalization and localization (more info)
    • Different split in translation POT files for faster translations
    • Codex XML-RPC information update accessed via XML-RPC_WordPress_API
    • WP_Query improvements

Just a snap, please have a look at WordPress.org for detail.

I haven’t upgrading or have a look in detail what will change on my sites yet, will do it soon.