Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is fully supporting Khmer Unicode if announced by CamboDroid recently in June.

Roberto Callos, named on the Internet, a Cambodian developer and leader of the Galaxy Note hacked for Khmer Unicode, said that his team has finished the development and package the APK to be able to install on Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 without rooting the phone but this hack is supported only for Android ICS and specified for Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with Khmer Unicode

Currently the APK is not published in public as stated in their post, they prefer some paid of 10$ per device in order to support developers’ work and continue next development for Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and a dream of Khmer Custom ROM of Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note Screen With Khmer Unicode

Any how, please give them a support for their work, please contact them via +855 16 786 668 (Roberto Callos) for Cambodia.

Android ICS is a latest Android OS that was supposed to support Khmer Unicode fully but it was not as expected without any rooting the system or hack as above; It does not natively supported Khmer font, it’s only support on some applications or via web browser as previously stated in this site.

Source: CamboDroid Announcement in Khmer