Barcamp is user generated conferences which is brought to Cambodia in 2008 in CJCC in Phnom Penh and called: Barcamp Phnom Penh.

Barcamp Phnom Penh is the most excited event for tech people. Why this two days gathering I suppose it as an excited event in Cambodia?

I found some reasons myself and they might be matched ones with you as well:

  • It’s an annually gathering as a promising for all tech people here, this year, it’s the fifth year of event
  • No other events that could answer to the need of tech students, geeks or even IT professional or IT business related. Of course, we have ICT forum, Career which I believe it’s just another complementary to ICT or a commercial event for IT businesses but we need something like Barcamp that is directly benefit to us.
  • As geeks, we could see everyone there, to talk, to share and to learn what is new after one year passing
  • It’s where we are free to share what we have known, we can present or show off ourselves in front of hundred of people
  • Each year, new tech groups, tech events and IT community in Cambodia are growing
  • Barcamp is running by volunteers, not a business own, it’s kind of a community. Of course, some businesses happen after Barcamp and businessmen might also benefit since their people are getting improve and talent.

You might have something excited from this event, please share with us here in comment below.

See you at Barcamp Phnom Penh 2012 at University Puthisastra, 22nd – 23rd September from 8AM to 5PM.