As a cellcard (MobiTel) user, have you got an SMS:

Missed Call Alert Service from CellCard. U will always know who called! Only 2c/month from 08-Nov. Pls ignore this sms to get the Service, or reply U to cancel.

How do you think? Have you ignore it or you already “reply with <<U>>” to 8193?

I believed you are like me, I did ignoring it since I do not have time or care with 2c per month in the first sight but in fact, it’s not right. CellCard should not activate it automatic like that to charge user monthly, they should allow user to subscribe not automate the service.

Now I have tried to cancel it by replying to 8193 with “U” but it was late since the message sent to me on 08-Nov, my sent message always “Fail” without any explanation from the service.

So CellCard is trying to charge us monthly without clearing info about to cancel after!

I will call to them for explain later.

And I saw some users in facebook is complaining about that as well now.

During these days, MobiTel is now so annoyed through its mobile advertising with SMS and auto calling. MobiTel also tries to provide many promotions to keep users charging their accounts like Weekend 200% promotions and other occasionally promotions.

Updated: 03/12

I can execute cancel by dealing No.: #8192*0#
It said successfully execute it but I do not get any SMS message to confirm if I have canceled it or not.
Just suppose that’s a cancel code. Please try, I saw, no charge on my account.

Also, recently these months, Smart Mobile, another growing mobile subscription also got a very big issue with Internet connection and its operation. All users are complaining until now and solution is still unknown.