We have no sound that we will have Android KitKat (4.4.2) for our old Samsung Galaxy S2 which is still usable and well function.

Even last version of Android ICS 4.1.2 of Galaxy S2 is working enough with Khmer Unicode without root by the method is previous article but I’m still interesting to see a complete set of Khmer Unicode on KitKat.

Unfortunately Samsung will not provide any firmware update with this version on this model any more.

I decided to use custom ROM, rooted my phone and install it right away.

Now I have it!

With CyanFox ROM by following the instruction of this post.


Problems After Install

Some problems of course (but mostly solvable):

  • Google Play : can’t install or update anything, the issue is about cache issue (error code: RPC:S-3), search the error code, you will find solution; it’s about clearing the Google play cache
  • No SMS client but you can use Hangout or install a free one from Google Play
  • No built-in radio program (I still cannot find one yet)
  • Music Player: Use Google Player or install a free one (like MX Player) from Google Play

Khmer Unicode

It’s built-in, no need to install any render or even font, it’s great!

If you need keyboard, I still recommend you to install MultiLing Keyboard or search for others if not like it.

How is it now?

I have used it for few weeks now, it seems fine for me but I identify that the battery is out so fast when we keep opening 3G. You have to learn a little bit on using the phone with SMS, calling, searching or adding contact etc but with first week, you will find it simple.

Of course, I still love Samsung’s ROM and its way, it comes with great built-in apps.

Let’s see later if there will be some customized KitKat firmware of Samsung some where.