Cambodia with a growing of economics by each year, technologies also rise faster now among all people through mobile phone and Internet. Many business, individual starts love to have their own business mobile app as well. That’s why there are many growing companies here. Here, I found two interesting apps to introduce about finding location… Read More

According to GSMArena, Android 4.2 is out now with the same name as Jelly Bean. There are many improvements on this OS, especially on user accounts that you can create separated account like you do in your desktop or laptop. All data, game score or screens are separated by user. How great is it, right?… Read More

According to some google analytic of mobile operation system, iOS & Android is the most use than other mobile operations now for Internet browsing. Both operating systems are keeping competing each other around the globe even Cambodia, a small country. Yesterday, iOS announced iOS 6 and recently few months ago, Android announced its JB (Jelly… Read More

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean is going to roll out to other devices to plan for updating after Google Nexus 7′ got it. SamMobile said Galaxy S III will get Android 4.1 soon after Samsung test Android 4.1 for Galaxy S II, so Galaxy S2 should get first upgrade to Jelly Bean which hopes for end… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is fully supporting Khmer Unicode if announced by CamboDroid recently in June.

Roberto Callos, named on the Internet, a Cambodian developer and leader of the Galaxy Note hacked for Khmer Unicode, said that his team has finished the development and package the APK to be able to install on Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 without rooting the phone but this hack is supported only for Android ICS and specified for Samsung Galaxy Note.… Read More