As I can see in Office 365 features, it can be a competitor to Google Apps today. Office 365 was on public on 28th of June this year and provide 3 plans: Office 365 for enterprise: For businesses with internal or partner-supported IT staff and resources. Add on plans are available for information workers with… Read More

Since 10th of May, Google changed their limitation of Google App Standard from 50 users to 10 users, it’s kind of worst, they are forcing their future clients to buy their premium edition for 50$/user/year or 5$/user/month that’s a lot if comparing to other service such as Yahoo Business or Hotmail Plus. This kind of… Read More

Many lawsuits recently for most popular companies in the world and I’m reading recently on Zdnet on 5 points of Android that could make it fail led to revise last lawsuit of Oracle over Java on Google last summer in 2010. Let’s see some article link here around that: Five reasons Android can fail IBM… Read More

How easy to make such presentation or tutorial applications for Android phone without any code? You may interesting to have a look to an Android Application maker: App Inventor of Google Labs. Of course, App Inventor may can do more than just simple application for you, so let’s check it out! Via the official website,… Read More