Google has made many free service for users to bring more reliable, trust and warm staying with him for long time ago. Last year, in May, I stated in my post about Google Apps free service had been reduced users to 10 free which was before 50 users free. Now since 6th of December, this… Read More

According to GSMArena, Android 4.2 is out now with the same name as Jelly Bean. There are many improvements on this OS, especially on user accounts that you can create separated account like you do in your desktop or laptop. All data, game score or screens are separated by user. How great is it, right?… Read More

Google Plus is another social network like facebook. Google+ integrates social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz, and introduces new services Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, and Huddles. But you can’t signup now without the invitation. You want to try, I can invite you, just give me your email via the comment here or in… Read More

Just interesting to revise on what I have been focusing previous month in June. I found out that most of tech. news in June in Cambodia are focusing on: What’s new on Google? > Google+ Facebook MySpace has been sold Twitter iPhone 5 Firefox 5 Angry Bird Beside that, from what are in my focusing:… Read More