Just few days, dap-news.com, a popular news website in Cambodia is blocked by Mozilla if you use firefox or Google chrom. The mozilla uses advisory provided by google for Safe Browsing. You will not see this issue if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer (If I checked via IE8) The Safe Browsing also provides some information… Read More

Suggestion from Google For the best Gmail performance, we suggest disabling Firebug for www.google.com. You can find instructions for the most recent version of Firebug at the Firebug documentation site. If disabling Firebug for Gmail doesn’t improve performance results, you may have to entirely disable Firebug. http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&ctx=mail&answer=77355… Read More

While I am checking to cellcard.com.kh to find out some promotions, I found an announcement on Google phone on sale! I shouted WOW~! that’s I’m waiting. MobiTel, as a leading mobile provider, brought to us a new product that can attract most of people in Cambodia and seem it’s time to fight back to iPhone… Read More

When I saw a message from Mr. Danh Hong, the one who created most of Khmer Unicode fonts, told us about his new achievement to publish Khmer unicode font via Google Font API, really made me surprised and happy. So now welcome to Google Font API for Khmer Website Designer, it will be more easy… Read More