How do you think to have one website development for 50$ or 200$ or even 20$? Yes, it might not so surprise to have it in Cambodia that some companies or freelances provide such a good price via existing template and CMS install. But can you imagine how the price really help you to have… Read More

Now Twitter Bootstrap has reached version 2.2.2. It is now including for all of my projects and my recommendation for those who want to have a nice UI view and easy handy client design coding, you should consider it now. You can find twitter bootstrap in different project: Official Twitter Bootstrap: GitHub Applied: Struts2 Bootstrap… Read More

April 8, 2014, Microsoft is planned to stop supporting Windows XP, you will never get any update or support any more from the date and Microsoft has suggested to his latest version, Windows 8 but do you think will Windows XP end? Last year from January to December 2011, statcounter indicated that Windows XP stayed… Read More

Mostly for front-end web developer, we need to deal with HTML, CSS or JavaScript  and of course, we need to aware many stuffs around this look and feel design; Here are some web page design software and resources, I found them interesting to share. (X)HTML, Design and Web Standards W3 XHTML Working Group W3Schools… Read More

According to GSMArena, Android 4.2 is out now with the same name as Jelly Bean. There are many improvements on this OS, especially on user accounts that you can create separated account like you do in your desktop or laptop. All data, game score or screens are separated by user. How great is it, right?… Read More